Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

All 8 of our furniture packages have been designed to give you an indication of what we can provide for a given budget and also from a design point of view. They can all be tailored to your property and in most cases they often are. Sometimes the property might have fitted wardrobes…if that is the case we simply omit them for your furniture package. Another example might be that you require an extra bedside cabinet for the master bedroom because space permits this…no problem.

More examples of tailoring our furntiure packages to suit your property –

⊗   Leather sofas may be preferred by your tenant?…no problem. We can provide leather or fabric options.

⊗   A corner sofa might work best in the space other that what is being offered in the package…no problem….we can provide that.

⊗   Your prospective tenant might be very tall….so we upgrade to Kingsize beds to accommodate this.

⊗   The lounge / dining area might be large so you can add a side table…shelving unit…or even a larger dining set.

⊗   Rugs, soft furnishings and lighting packs might be added to make the furniture package more homely.

⊗   You might prefer to have your second bedroom furnished as an office?…or maybe with bunk beds?


We can chop / change / add / or remove anything at all from the furniture

package(s) you have chosen to help provide exactly what you require.